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Education is a gateway to opportunity -- that’s something that has been with Jennifer De La Jara since she was very young. 


Jennifer grew up in a small town in Burke County, North Carolina. She was raised under modest means and had to learn to be an advocate for her own education and future. Her school didn’t have many AP classes, and opportunities for extracurricular activities were scarce.


The first in her family to go to college, Jennifer used the opportunities now open to her and moved to San Francisco to work in Silicon Valley. It didn’t take long for her passion for languages to push her to start work as an ESL teacher. The impact was so profound that she later returned to school and earned a Master’s in Education from UNC-Charlotte.

Jennifer is an educator, a small business owner, a community volunteer, and a wife and mother. She has worked as a Family Literacy Educator at CPCC, as the Diversity and Inclusion director for a Kentucky public transit agency, has been on the board of schools, the YMCA, other community organizations, and is currently the Director of Education at the International House.


She has been a long-time advocate for diversity and for immigrants in her community. Jennifer has worked with adult and child students from all over the world, which has enriched her life and given her a deeper understanding of our residents in Mecklenburg County. 


Jennifer wants to bring her experience to the School Board because we need strong public schools that are well-funded, that have teachers and staff who are supported and valued, and equitable access to resources. 


She is running to represent every child in the CMS system, especially those who suffer the most from the systemic inequality in our schools. Jennifer’s family and her experience in classrooms with both parents and children make her a better Educator but will also make her a better advocate for our students, teachers, and schools. 


Jennifer and her husband Jorge moved to Charlotte in 2001 to work and eventually raise their two children: Julian and Sofia.